How to Prevent Common Sports Injuries

Sports injuries happen all the time. They are so common that it’s hard to think about a sport without considering what could go wrong. Sports-related injuries cost people billions of dollars each year in medical expenses, missed workdays, and lost wages.

According to a Sports Injury Clinic in Singapore, here is how you can prevent common sports injuries by taking some measures.

Best Measures To Prevent Common Sports Injuries

Here is a write-down of the best measures to prevent common sports injuries.

Warm-up Before Exercising

A good warm-up before exercising can help prevent injuries and improve performance. The best way to warm up before exercising is by starting with some light cardio, stretching, or doing simple movements like lunges or squats.

The benefits of a proper warm-up are better blood flow to the muscles, which means more oxygen for efficient muscle function and lower chances of injury or cramping during exercise.

Stretch After Exercising

Doing a series of stretches after training can help your muscles recover faster and reduce the chance of injury.

Post-workout stretching is best done for at least five minutes, and you’ll also want to hold each stretch for about 30 seconds before moving on to the next one.

Wear the Right Shoes for Your Sport

If you’re a runner, wear shoes with good arch support. If you play tennis or golf, consider wearing closed-toe sneakers and tapping your toes to prevent blisters.

When shopping for new sports gear, check the size chart on the item’s webpage before ordering online to make sure it will fit correctly.

Take Breaks in Between Sets of Exercises

If you are doing a weight-lifting routine, it’s essential to take breaks in between sets of exercises. This is typically about three minutes on and one minute off. Cool down at the end of a workout by walking or jogging slowly.

Physiotherapists in Singapore can help prevent injuries by addressing underlying muscle imbalances and weaknesses that may put athletes at risk for injury.

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Healthy Snacks During Exercise

It’s essential to stay hydrated when exercising. Drink plenty of fluids, especially before you exercise, during your workout, and after finishing up.

Many people find that they need a snack and energy carbs, which is often why sports drinks like Gatorade are popular in gyms or at sporting events. You should also eat a healthy breakfast and lunch.

Proper Technique to Prevent Sports Injury

If you are new to a sport or activity, it can be difficult to know how the game is supposed to be played. One way that players learn is by watching others play and copying their movements.

For example, if someone has been playing tennis for years, they might have learned through watching other people play the game that they need to hit the ball fast and high when serving on the net.

If someone is new at tennis, they might not know this rule and risk an injury by hitting the ball too hard or low.

Wrapping Up

Also, avoid unnaturally stiffening your joints and doing exercises that are too difficult for your current fitness level. Physiotherapy treatments can help prevent injuries by addressing underlying muscle imbalances and weaknesses that may put athletes at risk for injury. If you prefer, you can also try out sports massage or deep-tissue massage to help loosen those muscles!

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