6 Benefits of Doing Yoga in the Morning

Some people can wake up early and get their day started feeling refreshed and energetic. The rest of us need a little more help. Out of the many ways to get your day started, if you struggle with morning energy, yoga might be a game-changer. The combination of gentle movements, mindfulness, and intense focus can be a great way to get your mind ready for whatever lies ahead.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of doing yoga in the morning.

You’ll Have More Energy

Nothing is more stressful than springing out of bed and rushing off to work. While you might cherish those few moments scrolling through social media or cuddling with your favorite pillow before getting out of bed, that time can be put to better use.

Morning yoga can help wake your body slowly. Instead of rushing straight into the bustle of the day, take the time to slowly stretch your muscles. Reorient yourself to waking. You’ll feel more refreshed and energetic!

Plus, practicing yoga consistently helps promote better sleep. If you sleep better, you’ll wake up more rested and ready to take on the day.

You’ll Be Ready to Deal with Stress

It’s no secret that yoga can help decrease stress. It helps you deal with anxiety by promoting mindfulness and recentering your mind on what really matters. When you do yoga first thing in the morning, you are cleaning your slate for the day. You’re ready to take on a reasonable amount of stress without becoming overwhelmed. In the long term, yoga can help give you the tools you need to manage stress healthily, no matter when and where it arises.

Your Focus Will Be Greatly Improved

Yoga allows all your stress and distraction to fade away. When this happens, you’re able to focus on tasks better. This means more productivity and less wasted time. If you struggle with your focus throughout the day, morning yoga sessions can help.

Spending just a small amount of time with yoga each morning can help give you more free time overall. The quicker you can get things done, the quicker you can move on to other projects and aspirations.

Your Mood Will Improve

Most of us start the day a little grumpy. We don’t want to get up so early, drive to work, make the kids’ lunches – whatever the reason, your mood in the morning can impact your whole day. One of the best ways to prevent this is to start your morning off right.

The gentle stretching of even basic yoga poses promotes relaxation. Rather than making you tired, this type of relaxation makes you calm. This can instantly boost your mood, clearing up any negative feelings. The mindfulness that often goes with yoga can also help you find a positive outlook.

It’s Great for Your Physical Health

Yoga is great for your mind and your body. Stretching helps relieve muscle tension, which can do wonders for chronic pain. If you sit at a desk all day, this can help relieve the aches associated with extended sitting. But that’s not all.

Studies have shown that yoga can increase heart function, decrease blood pressure, improve strength and balance, and help tone your muscles. Moving is great for you, and this type of calming movement is good for both physical and mental health.

Be Aware of Your Intention

It’s easy to procrastinate when you’re still laying in bed. Practicing yoga in the morning can help you identify and focus on your intention for the day. Maybe your intention is to complete a task, be more personable, be more productive, or carve out more time for yourself. This fresh, clean start to the morning will help you come to terms with your intentions and goals.

The mental kickstart can help you accomplish your to-do list. Being intentional about your time works wonders for productivity and free time, too.


Morning yoga is extremely beneficial. Once you commit to doing yoga each morning, you’ll form a wonderful habit that can improve your life and overall well being. Not sure where to start? Check out the virtual classes offered by YogaRIOT to get some inspiration and guidance.

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