From what age can you legally smoke a hookah in the United States? 

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Hookah use in the United States 

In some cultures, smoking a hookah is an ancient tradition. People sit together around the hookah, discussing their daily lives. Sometimes multiple hoses are attached to a hookah so that several people can enjoy the water pipe at the same time. As cultures are now spread worldwide, we learn about other cultures and customs. As a result, the shisha is also a popular product in the United States. In fact, its popularity is growing there.

A short history

The origin of the hookah is not certain. However, it is believed that the hookah was invented by the Indians. Primitive designs of hookahs were found in northern India, made from coconuts. These hookahs were intended for smoking hashish and opium. 

From India, this tradition spread, including to ancient Persia. There, wooden hookahs were made by hand. They smoked tombeik, a dark type of tobacco.

About 500 years ago, hookahs became popular in Turkey. There was a lot of experimenting to make the hookahs more functional and beautiful. Beautiful hookahs were then created.

From the 1960s, the popularity of the water pipe grew enormously in Europe and in the United States. This popularity is still growing.

Legality in the United States

In the United States, hookah smoking is legal if you meet the age limit. You can buy, sell and own your own hookah there if you are old enough. The same goes for using it in “hookah lounges” and “shisha cafés”. These are hip and modern places, where smoking hookah is a social event. A variety of tempting tobacco flavors are offered. The fun atmosphere makes these places very attractive. 

However, think about your health. You can do this by using a hookah filter, for example. When using the shisha, particles of tobacco and other substances can accumulate, in the hoses. These reduce the hookah experience and are not good for your health. The hookah filter is attached to the hose and collects the bad particles.

The age limit 

Although hookah smoking is legal in the United States, there is a strict age limit. In 2020, the U.S. federal government set it at 21 for any type of smoking. If you are under 21, you may not buy or use any smoking, vaping, or tobacco product in the United States. So that includes hookah smoking. This law applies to all U.S. states and all U.S. territory.

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