Why You Need To Use Glass Jars To Package Cannabis

Storing your cannabis products can be quite challenging. You need to store them in a place that’ll ensure the flowers and buds are effective. Glass jars may be the only storage that can give you such an advantage.

Glass jars are airtight and smell-proof. If you use them to store your cannabis, the buds and flowers won’t get moldy, lose their flavor, or dry up. Most weed stores also use it for storage because they offer perfect displays.

Read on to know why you need to use glass jars for storing these products.

  1. They’re Durable

The durability and quality of glass jars make them great for keeping edibles like concentrates, flowers, or gummies. They protect cannabis products from reacting with oxygen or moisture that may make them moldy. To keep your cannabis in great shape, you need to control humidity regularly.

Child-resistant jars have airtight seals to contain odors, keep your cannabis fresh, and prevent contaminants and children from accessing your products. The chemical resistance levels of glass jars add a layer of protection to your products.

If you’re currently using plastic for storage, you need to know that they have static charges that may pull trichomes from buds. Unlike plastics, glass jars have neutral electric charges that allow them to keep your trichomes and cannabinoids intact.

  1. Transparent Glass Jars Are Great For Showcasing Products

If you own weed dispensaries or a small weed shop, you want to buy clear jars. This packaging is ideal for your business because it’ll showcase the qualities of the edibles, concentrates, and flowers. In fact, it’s best for storing flowers because it’ll allow your customers to see the bud structures clearly before buying the product.

It’s vital that you store transparent Glass jars in a darker place because cannabis loses its qualities when exposed to light, oxygen, and heat. If you’re running a store that has a lot of light, you may be left with no option but to package the cannabis in black glass jars.

  1. They Come In Various Shapes And Sizes

The size of the glass jar used to store cannabis products matters because even a little oxidation will make these products are faster. Glass jars are manufactured in different sizes. If you store small cannabis products in a big jar, more oxygen will enter when you open the jar. To be safe, it’s best to use a 2oz jar to store 2.5 grams of cannabis and a 5oz jar for storing 7 grams of cannabis.

Most consumers may even prefer petite jars because they’re discreet and easy to slip into a pocket or bag. Glass tube-shaped jars may be the best to use for edibles because they’re easy to deal with and present the products perfectly.

  1. They Offer A Premium Look

Glass jars can offer you great branding opportunities. You can include printed designs, wraps, labels, and custom leads on them. If you want to take your design a notch higher, you may even use black jars with a contrasting logo. The simplicity of imprinting these jars makes it the best option for creating a premium look.

The Bottom Line

The packaging you use will determine the freshness, taste, and aroma of your cannabis. Glass jars are the best option because they keep out moisture and air.

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