Why You Need a Bath Sponge

The time you give yourself to take a shower every day is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. It is a time to cleanse yourself, meditate and be still for a few minutes.

There are many shower items that people use as part of their daily routine. But there are also fun and super cute cleaning products like a  flower bath sponge.

Bath sponges are quickly becoming all the rage as they offer a fun solution to a mundane task of cleaning your skin. While as mundane as scrubbing your skin might be, it is so important to do it daily as it is what gets rid of the build-up of all your dead skin and rejuvenates it, making your skin glow and be healthy.

While many experts suggest that bath sponges need to be replaced regularly, it is still important to find a bath sponge you like so that you can continually have your skin’s favorite tool on hand.

And for those that aren’t convinced investing in a bath sponge is for them, here are some reasons why we think you should reconsider.

  1.       It will actually save you time

Needing to continually squeeze out more body wash onto your hands so you can clean all over is not the most efficient method. At least a quarter of the soap doesn’t even reach your skin and goes right to the shower floor. A bath sponge is able to absorb the one squeeze so you can distribute it evenly all over your body!

  1.       Your skin will be absolutely glowing

Bath sponges are natural exfoliators that make your skin glow—literally! When you rub a bath sponge over your skin, you automatically increase the blood circulation and unclog any blocked pores or get rid of dead skin that is stuck on the surface. Bath sponges will leave your skin looking as if you spent a nice day in the sun and you won’t even need a good bronzer to get that amazing glow effect.

  1.       There are so many options to consider

Bath sponges have become all the rage now and come in so many different shapes and scents! As mentioned earlier, they come in super cute shapes like flowers and come infused with some amazing natural aromas that will leave your skin smelling absolutely delicious! This means you can also mix it up and switch up your bath sponges every month with different shapes and smells, keeping your shower time always an exciting time of day.

  1.       It helps you clean your skin better

This may sound obvious to some, but bath sponges are literally the best form of scrubbing of any unwanted elements on your skin. Think of it as a buffer, with the end result being shiny beautiful skin! The process to clean with a bath sponge is super simple. All you have to do is make small circle motions on your skin and any bacteria, clogged pores or dirt will simply go away! And, these bath sponges give you the ability to give your arms and legs an “at home” pedicure and manicure too! As the bath sponge material makes your hands and feet both feel especially soft.

Bath sponges are something that every person needs to invest in. And just like every shower routine is different, the bath sponges can compliment the person as well with the exact type they choose—there are so many out there! From helping your skin look absolutely flawless to allowing your shower routine to be a bit more useful and effective, investing in a bath sponge is an absolute must!  You and your skin can thank us later, but for now, get scrubbing!

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