Why Do People Get Dental Implants?

 Dental care has a long and complex history. The toothbrush has been around, in some form or another, for approximately 5000 years! Even the process of replacing broken or missing teeth has been around as far back as 4500 years ago. Before the advent of running water, electricity and many types of medicine, humans have been replacing their teeth.

            Obviously, that procedure would only have been available to the uppermost echelon of society… the emperors, pharaohs, and royalty of the age. Today, this type of procedure is not only available to the masses but alsoit is relatively inexpensive and completely safe.

Who Needs Dental Implants?

            The demand for dental implants grows by the day, with an almost 9% increase year over year expected for the UK alone. The demand is spurred by higher rates of oral disorders, as well as an overall increase in demand for dental implants throughout Europe.According to Chetan from Mola Dental “Patients that need dental implants range across most demographics and can need them for many different reasons, both functional and cosmetic.”

7 Reasons to get Dental Implants

  1. Tooth Decay

Severe tooth decay, particularly if it has gone deep into the root, is a serious problem. Implants are an effective solution to this problem.

  1. Missing or Broken Teeth

Broken and missing teeth are, unfortunately, fairly common. Whether it be the result of an accident, a sports injury or any other manner of incident, dental implants are a safe and effective way of returning your mouth to its former beauty.

  1. Improve Your Smile

Not everyone is born with a set of naturally straight or aesthetically appealing teeth. Dental implants give your dental professional a valuable tool that can drastically improve the look of your smile.

  1. Prevent Bone Loss

Missing teeth and vacant spaces in your jawbone inevitable lead to bone density loss due to lack of bone stimulation. Unchecked, this can grow into a host of additional negative side effects including continued bone density loss over time, facial sagging and other oral issues. Dental implants act as real teeth, stopping bone density loss.

  1. Maintain Tooth Alignment

Gaps or spaces in the teeth, if unattended, also inevitably lead to misaligned teeth. The teeth will shift and adjust to make up for the empty space, creating a whole list of problems that you may not initially think of. Large gaps and misaligned teeth are more likely to have oral health issues because of the gaps where bacteria can grow. They may also cause uneven wear on the teeth, leading to more dental issues in the future.

  1. Unable to Wear Dentures

Dental implants make a great alternative to dentures. Some people choose not to have dentures while others may not be able to use them. Dental implants provide a solution for those that have the need to replace many teeth but are unwilling or unable to use dentures.

  1. Durable and Easy to Maintain

Many other oral solutions like crowns or bridges have a shorter life span than dental implants. When properly cared for, dental implants may never need to be replaced. They are also extremely easy to maintain, essentially acting as regular tooth and maintained with regular brushing and oral care.

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