What are the options for my love life with erectile dysfunction?

Feeling sexual passion with your partner does not necessarily mean having sexual intercourse. There are different ways in which you can bring pleasure and pleasure to one another. The difficulty is to first become aware that there is another kind of sexuality. Take the time to familiarize yourself with them, understand them, and most importantly, not seek sex at all costs. You will discover numerous advantages: more spontaneity, sensuality and trust. In order to build trust, it is important that you talk to your partner, dedicate yourself more to foreplay and just be spontaneous. Viagra can assist a man with getting and keeping an erection.

First symptoms

A specialist should be consulted when there is a decrease in the quality of erections, both due to the difficulty to achieve rigidity and to maintain the erection progressively in most sexual intercourse. In these cases, the diagnosis is based on the patient’s perceptions, which must be detailed, including the medical-surgical history, the medications taken and the sexual history of the patient. “All of this is essential to make a proper diagnosis of each case,” insists the IMQ urologist, who points out that in the last three decades there have been great advances in this field.

Sexuality is an important part for many men and even vital for many others, so giving it up can significantly condition daily life, not only for the man but also for his partner.Patients who come to the office often think that this is a problem that only affects them. Nothing could be further from reality, Astobieta emphasizes. In fact, it is already a frequent situation in the consultation, which the doctor with experience in this field can diagnose and treat appropriately, like any other pathology.

Talk to your partner

Entrust him with your problems and wishes. His openness and understanding are essential if you want to function as a team. Start by entrusting him with your passionate fantasies and discover his. Curl up, have a casual conversation, and be sincere. Your familiarity will increase, and the level of its intensity will determine the kind of sexuality you desire. Try new things in your love life. Start over and talk about your progress together. The goal: Create more sensuality in your everyday life, Viagra can help to improve sexuality.

Focus on foreplay

Also include your partner’s erogenous zones and focus on caresses. Create a sensual atmosphere that relaxes you and arouses your senses. You can create an additional note of sensuality and tension with the help of sex toys.

Be spontaneous

Don’t let your partner’s impotence control your love life. Go to bed at the same time to encourage intimacy. Take the opportunity to create familiarity, talk to one another, and gradually develop a closer relationship with one another. And of course, don’t make sex an item on your agenda – spontaneity and a natural approach will only increase your pleasure.

When does sex therapy make sense?

A sex therapist can play a fundamental role in helping you with your sexual habits. Such counseling is about relieving your fears and showing possibilities for talking to your partner. Check out Angela Gregory’s tips. She is a sex therapist and provides advice to couples when it comes to love life.

The consequences of not enjoying a satisfactory sexual life can affect both the man who suffers it and his partner, who also suffers it. Astobieta emphasizes that the number of patients who come to the consultation for an erection problem has been increasing, especially since the appearance of oral drugs used for its treatment. “We must bear in mind that the age of the population is increasing and vascular risk factors are also increasing, so it is to be expected that there will be an increase in the number of men who come to the clinic for this problem,” says the IMQ physician.

Traditionally, the causes have been divided into psychological and organic, although in many cases both can coexist. Among the organic factors, the most frequent are the vascular ones. They are the same that are present in myocardial infarction, that is, age, hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and tobacco.

Furthermore, there is a situation that needs to be mentioned. With the increase in early diagnosis of prostate cancer, more and more patients over 50 years of age are undergoing prostate removal, which leads to an increased incidence of erectile dysfunction in this group of patients.

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