Things to Know About V-Steaming

It is easier for us to experiment with different activities on most of our external body, but when it comes to private body parts, we become very conscious. To clear your doubts Leiamoon brings you detailed information about the things that women should know before going for vaginal steaming.

Vaginal steaming isa process that involves sitting above a pot of steaming hot water which generally includes herbs like basil, rosemary, sandals, and wormwood. It is believed that this process lets the herb-infused steam penetrate the tissues of the vagina and make it soft and tender. It is sometimes referred to as a “facial” for the vagina.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest whether or not this treatment is beneficial. However, Liamoon has found that women who have undergone this treatment at their homes or even at spas can detect a difference and describe several health benefits. Painful menstruation symptoms are lessened, and many women also believe this treatment boots fertility, helps in healing the vagina after childbirth, and can be effective in treating hemorrhoids.

Benefits aside, there are certain safety precautions that every woman should take before they proceed for vaginal steaming. One of the most important precautions is to make sure the temperature of the water is not too hot. The vagina is the most sensitive part of the female body, so exposing it to hot temperatures may burn the tissues and lead to extreme discomfort.

Another issue is that the vaginal area is naturally moist and contains a variety of healthy germs. It is also the only organ in the female body which cleans itself. Doctors normally caution away from using scented products, as these can alter the natural chemical balance. Cleaning the vagina with minimal products and keeping it dry is the best way to keep it healthy. As a result, women should carefully consider whether vaginal steaming is best for them because it brings extra moisture to that area. Vaginal steaming may lead to an exposed risk of yeast or bacterial infections. Lastly, doctors generally ask pregnant women to avoid the usage of a hot bath in tubs, heating pad, or saunas which are believed to be risky for the fetus, so pregnant women should avoid vaginal steamingat all costs.

Vaginal steaming is an age-old process, and many women who undergo the procedure regularly tout its benefits. With the accessibility of steamers for one’s home, women should be fully educated about the process and effects of vaginal steaming before trying it for themselves.

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