Things to know about the public and private drug rehab centers in Canada

The most remarkable feature in Ontario, Canada, is free healthcare. If you have someone who needs rehab treatment, you can either opt for public or private facilities. However, most people prefer public hospitals because they are affordable.

We shall look at what both public and private centers offer and know which one is the best for drug rehab treatments.

Public rehabs in Ontario-are they helpful?

Medical and outpatient treatment for addiction is free in Ontario, and in-patient treatment at a public rehab, you do not incur any costs. For people who do not have the financial muscle, government-funded centers are a blessing.

Public rehabs are reliable because they are almost everywhere, and there are several inclusive medical resources and services included in the treatment. However, there are also significant setbacks.

Cookie-cutter programs, a limited amount of therapies, waitlists, bland approaches – all have a very minimal success rate.

There is no immediate outside aftercare provided in a government rehab program. The program lasts for 30 to 60 days. Aftercare is the most critical ingredient for the successful recovery of drug addicts. Additionally, there are also unmonitored community group platforms. And as much as they are helpful, you need more.

Private centers-are they the solution?

These institutions operate independently from the government. Drug rehabs and private alcohol in Canada are more costly because they must pay for their staff, resources, and facilities.

Private therapy in residential treatment usually charges from $300 to $700 a day. A personal therapist can cost up to $200 in a single hour. Well, not everybody can afford such a vast amount.

The differences between both public and private drug rehab treatment centers in Ontario, Canada.

  • Admission time

The significant difference between an independent residential and public rehab is the admissions. The admission period taken in a public rehab center is quite long. It is because the queues are pretty long since the services are free.

As for private, the admission period is relatively short since you book a prior appointment before being admitted.

  • Time taken to open a spot

For public rehab, it will take a longer time to open a spot than a private institution.

  • Treatment program

There is also a big difference in the treatment program for both. As for the public, many patients make it difficult to give each one of them special attention.

The private centers offer individualized attention to each patient. Here, they have therapy for their clients and additional programs too.

Wrapping it up

There are so many drug rehab Ontario Canada which you can visit. Do due diligence on both sectors before settling for any. Get to find out the prices, quality of services, find out from people who have used their services.

The bottom line is; you want a place where someone can recover from drug addiction. Note that services offered by an institution will either speed up or derail the recovery process of your patient.

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