The Wonder that is the Spatz Adjustable Gastric Balloon 

If you have ever wondered how possible it is for you to lose weight just by regulating your food intake, then you should know that it is entirely possible. It is even easier with the help of the Spatz adjustable gastric balloon system. The Spatz balloon was created to help you regulate your weight on your terms, without having to resort to unhealthy methods that don’t last. Some benefits of the gestric ballon by are listed below.

It is Affordable

You can lose weight without having to pay heavily for it. Gone are the days when buying expensive diet pills, special foods, or paying for weight loss surgery were the only ways to lose weight without stress. Lose weight with the only affordable adjustable gastric balloon system, Spatz, that gives you long-term results in a short time.

No Surgery Required

You do not need to undergo life-threatening surgery to lose weight, nor do you have to undergo surgery to use the Spatz gastric balloon. Throughout the process of inserting the Spatz gastric balloon into your body and when the balloon is removed after the program, there is no surgery.

You Get Quick Results With Little Effort

The effectiveness of any weight loss program or procedure is determined by how fast it produces results. With the Spatz adjustable gastric balloon system, you are guaranteed to start noticing positive results as early as two weeks after insertion.

How Do the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloons Work

The balloon can be adjusted easily, based on how you feel. When the Spatz balloon is newly inserted into your stomach, it is at a size that your body can easily adjust to. You might experience some discomfort, but with basic medication, that can easily be solved. With time, the balloon is increased or decreased, based on your level of progress.


The Spatz adjustable gastric balloon is made of silicone material, so you can rest assured that you are not taking any potentially damaging materials into your body. The procedure is painless and quick, and the effects make the Spatz balloon worth all the recognition it gets.You can discover more about Spatz3 and the adjustable gastric balloon today.

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