The Types of Professionals Involved in Treating Addiction at a Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Substance abuse and addiction issues are always serious. It takes a team to put someone in a position to recover, and if you are at a treatment facility, you will run into a variety of professionals. Each of these individuals will play a role in helping you recover, and you need to understand who might be involved in your care. It is critical to listen to people with experience dealing with this type of problem, such as Kirill Vesselov. Who are a few people you or your family member might run into if you seek substance abuse and addiction treatment?

A Medical Doctor

If you are at a substance abuse and addiction treatment facility, there is a strong possibility that a medical doctor is going to be there. According to Vesselov, a medical doctor is important because there could be an underlying medical concern, such as an infection stemming from a needle. Furthermore, the detox process can lead to a wide variety of withdrawal symptoms, and you may need a medical doctor there to make the process more comfortable. A medical doctor is an integral part of the treatment facility.

A Mental Health Treatment Specialist

Of course, you will also have a mental health treatment specialist. There is a possibility that your mental health treatment specialist could be a medical doctor. In that case, you might work with a psychiatrist. A mental health treatment specialist is important for devising a recovery plan that can help you overcome substance abuse and addiction issues. Your mental health treatment specialist may also be responsible for deciding when you are ready to be discharged from the treatment facility. It is important for you to be honest with your mental health treatment specialist. That way, you can develop a treatment plan that has been customized to meet your needs.

A Social Worker

Finally, there is also a possibility that a social worker could be involved in the treatment process. A social worker could be necessary if you need a safe environment to which you can be discharged once you are cleared. A social worker could also help you find a shelter, locate a job, and coordinate care once you leave the treatment center. Do not hesitate to reach out to the social worker with any questions or concerns you might have.

Find the Right Treatment Center

Clearly, there are a lot of professionals who may play a role in your care. Even though you might have a hard time deciding who to talk to, remember that all of these people have your best interests at heart. Mr. Vesselov knows that the path to recovery has a wide variety of obstacles that you need to overcome, but you do not need to face this issue on your own. As long as you are willing to ask for help, you should get it from all corners. That way, you can focus on your sobriety and rebuild your life.

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