The Absolute Best Weightlifting Socks in 2021: Pedestals

You’ve probably heard of the once-popular barefoot running trend, but connecting with your feet isn’t only for runners. It is necessary for all types of athletes. Mike and Brendan, co-founders of Pedestal Footwear, recognized the value of this connection and designed a breathable weight lifting sock that outperforms the competition. Traditional yoga and pilates grip socks lack the support and stability that more intense activities require. Pedestals change that, bringing innovation to an undervalued space in the exercise community. If you’re looking to take your training to the next level while improving your total-body experience in the gym, check out the following reasons that Pedestals may be the right sock for you.

Comfort and Safety

Pedestals’ anti-microbial silver lining keeps odor and bacteria at bay for up to 50 wash cycles, while the moisture-wicking material keeps your feet dry as you focus on your training. These socks keep you safe from dirty gym floors or carrying bacteria from one area of your house to another. The sock lining allows for better durability and only requires being washed every 2-3 uses, extending their longevity and saving you money on your utility bills. The patent-pending grip design on the bottom of the socks keeps your feet secure and in place even through heavy lifting. These strong and abundant grips surpass your average pilates or yoga grip sock and provide far more stability.

A Competitive Advantage

Whether you’re doing barre, deadlifts, or Crossfit, high-performance grip socks provide more stability than going barefoot. Grip socks allow you to move freely without slipping and improve your balance without the impediment of cumbersome shoes. Furthermore, your feet have better ground contact, providing mild protection and traction while developing your feet and enhancing your training and general physical health. Studies show that training without shoes activates extra muscles that would not otherwise be activated when training with them.

A Company You Can Trust

Pedestals are made in the USA by two training devotees who want to serve the weight lifting community and bring an unparalleled design to a neglected area. With a focus on a gender-neutral customer base, this is a footwear company truly serving the whole exercise population. Mike and Brendan are looking to educate fitness enthusiasts on the variety of activities that can be improved by forgoing shoes and incorporating Pedestals. The company has already been featured on the Huffington Post, MSNBC and sold in over 40 countries and all 50 states.

These are just a few of the reasons Pedestals are an invaluable addition to your workout routine. Whether you already use traditional grip socks that aren’t giving you the traction you desire, or you are entirely new to non-slip socks, this is footwear that will take your training to the next level. Even more fantastic news, if you’re a gym owner or retailer that wants to bring this innovative brand to your customer base, Pedestal now offers wholesale directly from their website.

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