Rusty Tweed speaks about the top 5 healthy habits to keep your energy up

Worried about your decreased energy lately? Check out these five tips by Rusty Tweed to learn how you can enhance your natural energy levels.

If your busy life is always marked by spells of fatigue and lack of energy, you’re not alone. A recent survey by the National Safety Council, 43% of Americans admit being too tired due to lack of enough sleep. While getting tired after working for long hours may seem normal, frequent fatigue spells may be a sign all is not well with your health. According to Rusty Tweed, a real estate investor, there are so many things that can affect your daily energy levels– and it’s the simple lifestyle habits we often ignore. He adds that stress, not eating, or sleeping well are some of the reasons you wake up feeling all tired. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your energy levels up.

Pay attention to diet

Food is your primary source of energy, points out Rusty Tweed. So, if you want to keep your energy at an optimum level, you must integrate nutritious food into your diet. Don’t just pick a plate and serve yourself your favorite meal, as that won’t be helpful. Your body needs the energy to run. Energy is measured from the calorie amount in your food. If you don’t eat foods rich in calories, your body may not produce the required amount of energy to run various body processes. You also experience sluggishness due to low energy, and your chances of developing chronic illnesses are high.

Reduce stress

Stress is the number one energy consumer. You spend countless hours thinking, feeling anxious, and overwhelmed. The signs of stress include difficulty concentrating, reduced productivity at work, racing thoughts, decreased appetite, and lack of interest in things you enjoy. If you’re battling stress, your first step towards recovering is seeking help from a mental health professional, which is the main reason for reduced energy. In most cases, the evaluation and examination process will involve completely removing or getting rid of your stress triggers to restore energy.


Regular exercise is essential for improving mental health and reducing the development of chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. If you live an active life, your energy levels are likely to remain at the same levels due to the exercise your body goes through during the day. You don’t have to exercise when you’re feeling tired. You can always set aside an hour or two for exercise.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping is often associated with negative results such as laziness and reduced productivity. However, sleep is a great way to relax your mind and body. Nature enthusiast Rusty Tweed notes that lack of enough sleep will only make you more tired–you won’t have the energy to make good use of your time. His statement is backed up by many studies that link sleep with diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Note that too much sleep is also harmful. So by enough sleep, we mean 4 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Too much sleep makes it difficult to fall asleep when you want to, which can negatively affect your routine and reduce your energy levels the next day.

Avoid alcohol or smoking

The health effects of smoking and taking too much alcohol are well known. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves avoiding bad habits that could put your health at risk, such as smoking. Remember, once you’re addicted, you’re likely to be less productive, and your energy levels will go down drastically as mental health problems start kicking in, states Rusty Tweed.

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