Rekindling passion: Cures to low libido

Your work has drained all your energy. Your kids are constantly challenging your sanity. You are perpetually sleep-deprived. Your body is not as it used to be. The only passion you have experienced in the bedroom is Netflix. But that is not all why your sex life is nonexistent.

Causes of low libido

There are many mental, social, and physical reasons behind your lack of sex life. It may be your relationship that is the source of turmoil in your life. Not feeling attracted to your partner or having communication problems and tensions may be behind the reduced sex drive.

Your mind also has a role to play here. Stress, anxiety, and depression are the biggest libido killers. Moreover, exhaustion, fatigue, and fear can also reduce sex life as well.

Women especially are likely to suffer from low libido in the aftermath of the pregnancy. Menopause also causes changes in hormones, leading to problems like vaginal dryness, painful sex, vaginismus can also then reduce sex drive. These can be helped by visiting an expert gynecologist, whom you can consult over

Men can suffer from reduced sex life due to problems like erectile dysfunction. These are most common in older men. Health conditions like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes can also gravely affect sex life.

Rekindling the passion

Just because things are bad right now does not mean that you will drift into celibacy. There are things that you can do to save your relationship and have an exciting sex life.


Exercise is imperative to your mental and physical health. It helps in curbing the risk of chronic diseases as well. All these factors are important for improving sex life then.

Therefore, start being more physically active. Exercise will also improve your mood, so to make it easier to get into the mood for sex.

Add something new

Sometimes, especially with older couples, monotony can kill the spark in the relationship. This can be remedied by adding something new to the sex life, thereby improving the element of excitement to the sex life.

Try different techniques, add some adventure, act out fantasies, anything that makes you look forward to having sex.

Make lifestyle habits

Certain lifestyle habits can also be behind the lack of sexual spark. Smoking is one such habit, that may give you momentary pleasure, but it is otherwise extremely bad for your health.

Similarly, alcohol also wreaks havoc on sex life. Recreational drugs also have the same dire impact. Not getting sufficient shuteye also can cause dampening of the sexual desire.

Thus, be sure to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Prioritize your sex life

Nothing can rekindle your passion unless you are vested in saving your sex life, yourself. Therefore, have the much-needed talk with your partner about this. Try to have date nights, set time aside for intimacy, commit to spending more time together.

You can also take up hobbies together. Spending all this quality time together will surely positively contribute towards improved sex life.


Stress is a big wet blanket, that has a grave impact on most facets of your life, and your intimate life is no exception.

Stress hormones can cause biochemical changes in the body. Not only is it harder for people to get in the mood for sex, but physically as well, it gets harder for them to have sex.

Destressing, therefore, is very important for enjoying sex. Meditation, yoga, exercise, dark chocolate are some remedies that are effective against stress.

Get treatment

Having health issues that impede sex life can be extremely frustrating. However, these issues can be overcome in different ways. Thus, rather than completely giving up on your sex life, consult an expert like Sexologist in Islamabad for reclaiming your sex life.

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