Portland woman suffering a ‘mental health crisis’ gives birth on SIDEWALK and ABANDONS baby on the ground before stumbling away still covered in blood and amniotic fluid

An Oregon woman gave birth on the sidewalk of a Portland street and and abandoned the baby before walking away covered in blood and amniotic fluid, police say.

EMS and first responders arrived at SW 13th Ave and SW Market St just before 11 am on Wednesday after receiving reports of a woman, who was not identified, that had given birth on the sidewalk.

‘Someone just gave birth and left the baby here. Mom is walking away bleeding,’ an unidentified caller told 911.

Incidentally, Officer Nathan Kirby-Glatkowski and his partner happened to be in the area in search of a serial burglar when they got the call.

‘It’s a cold day; it wasn’t raining at that moment, but it was raining earlier, and the sidewalk at Southwest 13th and Market is no place to deliver a baby alone,’ Kirby-Glatkowski said.

The PPB Central Bike Squad also thanked community members who immediately covered up the baby and called 911.

Kirby-Glatkowski said that when he and his partner arrived to the scene, paramedics were already evaluating the newborn baby.

‘They said the mother, the woman, was stumbling away eastbound on Market with a lot of blood and amniotic fluid all over her,’ Kirby-Glatkowski explained.

Paramedics attending to the child told Kirby-Glatkowski that the baby appeared to be in good health, allowing the officers to pursue the mother, who had been spotted stumbling nearby.

The mother appeared to be undergoing a mental health episode, authorities added, and was uncooperative before being taken to the hospital.

‘Officers then caught up with the mother nearby,’ said the Portland Police Bureau.

‘She was evaluated and placed on a police officer hold to get a mental health evaluation. She and her baby, a girl, were transported to the hospital by ambulance.’

Thankfully, Kirby-Glatkowski and his partner, who are on the bureau’s Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team, are trained to work with people in mental crisis.

‘My partner and I went to try and engage her, contact her, talk to her, see what was going on,’ Kirby-Glatkowski said.

‘We were able, with some additional resources on scene, to get her stopped at about 12th and Market and get her into an ambulance and into a hospital for physical assessment and also address other issues.’

The mother was ultimately found to be in good physical health despite giving birth by herself on the sidewalk.

However, police said they’re still working to learn more about the woman and the circumstances leading up to the incident.

Authorities added that that PPB’s Behavioral Health Unit has been in touch with her in the past, the responding officers told KOIN.

‘I can’t believe, frankly, that that happened, and I’m glad we had as safe of a resolution as possible today,’ Kirby-Glatkowski said.

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