Overview Of Foot Massage Singapore Therapy

In foot massage Singapore practice, vigorous movements and massage therapy might be used to heat the hands and feet. Finger or thumb pressure is after that put on the foot using reflexology methods. The therapist will certainly rub, press and also squeeze places on each foot. Kneading the soft as well as fleshy round of the foot, pulling on the toes, moving around the heel and also pushing deep into the arch.

Begin With Your Ankle joints

When getting ready for a foot massage, begin by massaging all over your ankle joints to ease your ligaments. By loosening the nerves that go through your ankle, you’re readying your foot for explicit pressure, which you’ll be making use of in your foot reflexology technique.

Feet are usually ticklish or tender, so you should make use of a firm, but gentle touch when performing a foot massage therapy. Heating up your foot by relaxing your ankle joint tendons makes your foot less sensitive as well as more receptive to pressure when you begin working your soles.

The index finger method

The index finger comes into use when the aim is the upper section or the back of the foot. The fingers of both the hands get on the top of the foot while the thumbs rest on the single as well as give assistance for a far better grip. With rotating forefinger, a reflex location is stimulated by using the pulp of the fingers. Here too, if the joint of the forefinger obtain over-bent, after that you end up digging the skin with your nail creating pain.


Boosting reflex zones in difficult areas like the heel includes making use of the hooking method This is especially valuable for employing pressure onto a tiny and also exact reflex location. The foot is carried with strong support by one hand while the working hand’s thumb hooks into the reflex location. The thumb has to be put like a hook with optimal pressure almost like a sting and afterwards quickly taken back. The support from the fingers of the supporting hand is essential to the execution of this approach.

Advantages of reflexology

Reflexology uses the idea that each body part is represented on the hands and also feet. By pressing on particular locations on your hands as well as foot, you can turn on restorative effects on various other areas of the body.

Reflexology is typically made use of to eliminate signs accompanying other treatment, such as cold relief or internal body organ treatment. Routinely practicing reflexology has actually additionally been shown to have terrific stress relieving effects.

I commonly tell customers to visualize that each reflex place is a light switch that I am connecting to. As I use force on this location, your body will send a message to the corresponding location of the body so as to ‘switch it on’. So although I might be applying stress to your big toe, as an example, I am really aiding all the capabilities of your head as well as neck, using the response point.

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