Myths And Misconceptions About Vasectomy.

Are you looking for a permanent birth control method? 

Vasectomy is the right option for you. Vasectomy is a safe, minimally invasive, and effective method of birth control. In the procedure, the vas deferens(The excretory duct of the tests, carrying sperm towards the ejaculatory duct) are cut and tied. Thereby preventing sperm transport to the ejaculatory duct. 

To get a vasectomy in Brooklyn, New York you may contact an experienced doctor and discuss your medical history. This would help the doctor evaluate whether you are an eligible candidate for vasectomy or not. 

  • A vasectomy decreases sex drive:

Vasectomy only prevents the transport of sperm to the ejaculatory duct. The hormone testosterone is responsible for erection, libido, and sex drive. And vasectomy does not affect testosterone, so an undergoing patient Vasectomy will always have a healthy sex life. 

  • Sex will not feel the same as it used to:

The feeling when someone is sexually active is due to nerves transmitting impulses. A vasectomy has no effects on nerve innervation, so the feeling remains the same. Moreover, some people reported that the sexual act felt better after a vasectomy, as they did not worry about unplanned pregnancies. 

  • Sperm build up in body:

You might wonder that if the sperm is not exiting the body via the ejaculatory duct, then where is it going? The answer is simple, sperm is produced all the time by the body, and in the case of vasectomy, the sperm does not become a part of seminal fluid, so it gets reabsorbed. Therefore, the sperm does not build up. 

  • Vasectomy cannot prevent all pregnancies:

A vasectomy is 99% effective in preventing pregnancies. In some cases, the vas deferens might reunite, and the procedure might fail. However, your doctor will ensure that the procedure is successful and there are no pregnancies. 

  • Vasectomy is permanent:

With the latest advancements in science, a procedure named vasectomy reversal helps to reverse a vasectomy. However, a vasectomy reversal is expensive, and the procedure may not be successful at all times. Therefore, opt for a vasectomy when your family is complete, and you are sure that you do not want to have children. 

  • A vasectomy is painful, difficult, and has a very long recovery period:

Before starting the procedure, the doctor will numb the area so you do not feel any pain. And pain after the procedure is minimal and is managed with the help of general painkillers and ice. Vasectomy is simple, requiring 1-2 small incisions, and the procedure usually gets completed in 15 minutes. The recovery is short and quick. Patients usually opt for a vasectomy on a Friday and get back to work on Mondays.

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