Knowing About Femology & How Its Creating Better Awareness

Rather than ignoring the fact that a woman might be experiencing some imbalance in her hormones before menopause, we need to talk about it so that we can create awareness about the things that should be done if a woman in her midlife needs to lead a healthy lifestyle throughout.

When a woman starts to hit menopause, it does not mean that she is getting old but her reproductive cycle is just coming to an end. After this, there might be a lot of things that are going to change in her body which she needs to adapt for living a normal life ahead.

You need to know about Femology as we are here trying to offer the most holistic approach we can have about providing a woman a healthy lifestyle with the help of the right information and necessary products which will help her to move forward from this period very gracefully.

Our experts from Femology are making sure that all the women who are looking to gain important information will be able to do it with our help and we can provide them with the necessary details that they have to look for when dealing with menopause and its before and after effects which may happen in her body. Menopause has different phases in which she may be experiencing different things.

The primary phase of menopause is the perimenopause phase which is the longest phase in which there are going to be different things happening to a woman’s body over a decade but it may be shorter for some people. Perimenopause will be the initial beginning of the menopause period in which there will be a complete stoppage in the menstrual cycle. In the perimenopause phase, the delays and stoppage might just be periodical as the hormonal change is going to start in the body and over a few years will make permanent changes in the human body.

After the perimenopause phase, the actual phase of menopause is going to start. The phase is going to start as soon as the female does not get her periods for a regular period of a year which will mark the beginning of menopause in the female body. After this happens, the post-menopause period will start in which there are going to be a lot of things that might happen in a female body which she may have to experience due to hormonal imbalance. The changes may turn out to be permanent in some cases.

This kind of information in broader detail is what we are looking to pass on to as many people as possible so that they can comfort the female around them during this period in the right way. At Femology, we make sure that the women are getting all the necessary things as well which will help them in dealing with menopause in the most accurate way which will lead to fewer complications in her body.

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