Improve Your Relationship With Others by Not Using Your Phone for a While

You might think that using your phone allows you to communicate with other people and stay connected. The truth is that as you go deeper on your phone use, you become more disconnected. Unfortunately, it affects your relationship even with the people close to you. Try not to use your phone for a while to help build a positive relationship with the people you love.

Furthermore, staying away from your phone also allows you to remain protected from radiation. While you can’t, the use of EMF protection would help. It prevents radiation from entering your body. It’s challenging not to use your phone, but it’s possible.

You will have more time for a face-to-face conversation

You might say that you always talk to family and friends. The truth is that talking to them in person is still different from an online conversation. It’s even worse when you live in the same house and only communicate with each other online. Staying away from your phone allows you to know the people around you better. When was the last time you talked to your siblings about their favorites? Did you even bother to ask how your parents’ day went? You can do it if you’re not always on your phone.

You can play fun games

Have you had game nights recently? If no, it could be due to the forms of entertainment available on your phone. You think it’s no longer necessary to have a family game night still. You also make excuses about how busy you are even to bother playing. If you drop your phone even for a night, you can make room for a game night. You can do several fun activities with your family. You can even make it a regular activity. Try different games and see how it goes.

You can be of help

You don’t talk too much at work. You only focus on the tasks given to you. Although you don’t need to make friends at work, it would be nice to talk to some of your colleagues. You don’t know they’re going through. They pretend to be fine the moment they enter the office to look professional. If you drop your phone for a while, you can see who among them need a conversation. You can make someone feel better during that day by reaching out.

There’s life outside social media

You think that everyone is on social media, and you should be there too. Although it’s fun to interact with others online, it’s also exciting to speak with real people. You can learn more through meaningful conversations. You can also deepen your relationship with the people you previously disregard.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use your phone anymore. It would help if you lived a balanced life. If you have to use your phone for work and professional correspondence, it’s understandable. However, you should also try doing other things that don’t require the use of your phone.


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