Ideal person for hair transplant

The decision to go through hair transplant surgery is not a small one. It’s something that costs some good amount of money and will affect your general appearance. Therefore you must understand both the pros and cons of hair transplants. Of course, your surgical team should give a full disclosure of what it is you’re undertaking.

You must have a bagful of questions to ask the hair transplant surgeon. That helps you clear any fears and anxiety, then set you on the right healing trajectory.

You’re the ideal person for a hair transplant if

You’ve mild hair loss.

Most people who want a hair transplant have severe hair loss, but mild hair loss gives the best results. That is because there is more donor hair to work with and not much coverage. If you’ve severe hair loss, you also have a solution, only that you’ll need an elaborate procedure with a lot to cover. The procedure is even more costly compared to those with mild hair loss.

You’ve a good amount of donor hair.

For a successful hair transplant, you’ll need a fair amount of donor hair. Donor hair is taken from other parts of your body and genetically programmed to be permanent.

That tells you even if you’ve severe hair loss, you can have sufficient donor hair, and that’s enough to guarantee a successful transplant.

Realistic expectations

When getting a hair transplant, it is vital that you have realistically achievable expectations. You need a thick head of hair and no receding hairline. For those with severe hair loss, that may not be possible. Thus the surgeon should be able to explain all that you expect before you go through the procedure. Here, you ask as many questions to clarify and ensure that you’re ready whatever the outcome.

Be ready to lose some hair on another part of the body.

One of the things you need to be ready for is losing hair. A hair transplant is a great decision you’re making, and you need to be prepared to lose hair on other portions of the body. Some people end up getting frustrated, and some even adjust by thinning, and when hair can’t grow on the other part, their self-confidence is affected. That’s why you have to think about it and gauge yourself if you’re ready to take in the trauma.

Get into a treatment plan.

Before the hair transplant, it is crucial you go through a treatment plan, including Minoxidil and Finasteride. That way, you understand how non-surgical treatments react to your body. From such experience, you will decide whether a hair transplant is your thing or not. You should have Hair transplants in the England preparation done at least six months before the actual transplant. That’s enough time to see if it’s your thing or not.

Wait until hair loss has stabilized.

People lose hair at different rates. For some, it takes several years, while others experience significant loss within a year. Don’t get a transplant before your hair loss has stabilized. Otherwise, you may have the transplant done, and you continue losing hair. That will create a patchy look that looks funny on you.

Hair transplant is not something you want to rush into. You’ve to take time and understand what it means. You also need to be prepared for any outcome, desirable and sometimes the unexpected. Most importantly, your surgeon should take you through pre-hair transplant sessions so that you’re ready for the outcome.

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