Getting a cosmetic procedure done is no longer a secret as more people embrace its beauty. The good thing is that technology has given rise to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that are relatively affordable. So let’s talk about coolsculpting, whose popularity has dramatically increased over the decade.

What is coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a fat reduction procedure that targets stubborn fat areas such as the belly, upper arms, chin, below the buttocks, flanks, bra area, and other body areas depending on your individual needs. It involves freezing the fat cells using an applicator in a non-invasive procedure that takes as little as 45minutes.

During the procedure, you can expect a cooling effect on the body area that the surgeon works on. When the fat cells are frozen, they die completely and are eliminated from the body naturally via your lymphatic system.

The skin area where the applicator suctions is cold at first, but you get used to the sensation as the surgeon continues the process. When they remove the applicator, they quickly massage the area, and before you feel anything, it is over. You may need more than one fat removal session if you have more amounts of fat that need removal.

In most cases, many coolsculpting providers advise patients to get at least two treatment sessions to successfully remove the fat and achieve the physical appearance they desire. You might even want to undergo three sessions for stubborn fatty areas like the abdomen.

However, it takes a few months to start seeing the desired results after a coolsculpting procedure because the dead fat cells leave your body over time. Therefore patience is necessary.

How to pay for coolsculpting

Now the lingering question is, how do you pay for coolsculpting? While you may have comprehensive insurance, it may not cover cosmetic treatments like coolsculpting. In fact, that is the case with many insurers which means that you have to finance the treatment out of pocket.

Luckily, some coolsculpting facilities provide different coolsculpting financing options to help you pay for the treatment comfortably. For instance, they may offer the opportunity to pay in monthly installments to reduce the upfront cost. That way, you don’t need to wait until you accumulate all the required money to undergo the treatment.

Coolsculpting costs from $2000 to $4000 per session in most facilities. The price may be higher depending on various factors such as the provider, individual needs, size of the area being treated, amount of fat, and the sessions required to achieve the results. You should look for a facility with different payment plans that make it more flexible to finance the treatment.

The price may also depend on how many applicators you need. In some cases, your surgeon may need to use more applicators to positively impact the amount of fat being removed. The goal is to target the fat from different angles to achieve the sculpting effect. Some people need one applicator in one round; others even five applicators in two sessions.

Be on the lookout for counterfeit coolsculpting

While you may be looking for affordable coolsculpting providers, beware of counterfeit treatments that are not FDA-approved. Research the doctor performing the treatment and the facility before making your choice.

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