How Personalization Can Improve Regular Exercise

Getting regular exercise can be challenging. Life is busy. Things get in the way. You can plan to work out every day – and even stick to that plan for a couple of weeks. Then something happens to knock you off track. It is life’s story. That said, personalizing your exercise routine could be the best thing for keeping you on track.

Personalization can improve regular exercise in a number of ways. The thing is that personalization is different for every person. That’s the whole point. Personalizing your exercise routine means modifying it to fit who you are and how you live your life. It is a means of integrating exercise into your life without having to treat it as an extemporaneous activity you have to make time for.

Personalize Your Exercises

At the top of the list is personalizing your exercises. You have certain goals you want to achieve, right? Perhaps you want to drop the extra weight or improve your cardiovascular functioning. Maybe you want to bulk up. At any rate, different goals require different types of exercises. Once you know your goals, you can pick and choose those exercises that most appeal to you.

Remember that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Just because one personal trainer says you should be jogging 30 minutes per day doesn’t make it so. You might prefer indoor cycling. If both types of exercises align with your goals, go with indoor cycling. It is the one you enjoy.

Personalize Your Accoutrements

For the purposes of this discussion, accoutrements are those things you used to do your exercise. They include exercise equipment, the clothing you wear, and accessories like water bottles, sweat bands, towels, etc. Personalize all of it.

Have you wondered why cyclists invest so much money in specialized clothing when they could do what they do wearing a pair of regular shorts and a tank top? According to the good folks at Salt Lake City’s Mcycle, fancy clothing is not really necessary from a technical standpoint. But it makes cyclists feel good. It helps them get into the sport. It increases their passion for it.

By personalizing your accoutrements, you are bringing other passions and interests into the exercise environment. Maybe you choose to personalize with a particular brand that toots your whistle. Perhaps you have a favorite color for your exercise clothing. It’s all good. Whatever captures your interest can be used as a motivating factor to help you exercise.

Personalize Your Environment

Finally, personalize the environment in which you work out. Add your favorite pictures on the wall; play your favorite kind of music; position your exercise equipment so that you get the optimal view. The point is to make your exercise environment a space you actually enjoy occupying.

Maybe you have a favorite sports team or athlete. Decorate your exercise room with pictures, posters, and memorabilia. If you are not into sports, maybe your thing is classic films. You might be a big fan of animals, plants and gardening, or just about anything else. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you personalize your space with the things you love.

Mcycle instructors say it is important to personalize your space even if you take classes once or twice per week. At least some of your exercise will be done at home, so it’s important that the environment be appealing to you.

Fitness is a very personal thing. So don’t get hung up on what everyone else says or does. Personalize your workouts and you’ll find it easier to incorporate them into the rest of your life.

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