How Much a Residential Rehab Costs?

The cost of rehab is one of the major considerations for many people before they finally decide to join as a residential patient at the drug addiction health care unit. Actually, the total cost price varies as it is calculated by considering many aspects of treatment.

A rehab center is a place where you get treated for eliminating the usage of abused substance that is affecting your health and lively life. There are many of them in the USA thus you can choose the nearby ones like Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. They are the best and provide treatment at a reasonable cost. You can verify how much Hazelden cost by visiting their website. There you will be given a clear info about all the facilities provided along with their rate. You can choose the special facilities given as per your budget.

The factors that determine the cost of getting treated in rehab:

  • The medical history of the patient. It determines the length of the treatment course. If the withdrawal symptoms arise many health complications, then the detox treatment takes a long time to complete, thus the rate increases.
  • The kind of amenities chosen by the patient. There are many special facilities provided by rehab centers for their inpatients. It can be like a separate room with all comfort, a separate attendant and even sometimes a chef is provided to cook the patient’s meals. Highly luxury rehab centers cost is expensive for house-patients however it is worth every penny of yours.
  • There are special provisions given in your detox treatment. For example, massage therapy, acupuncture therapy, playing indoor and outdoor games, entertainment modes like television, video games and much more.

The special options add to the average cost of rehab center treatment. Many insurance companies provide medical coverage for the basic cost of rehab treatment. Hence, you can get treated in rehab centers within your budget.

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