How Do I Prevent Upper Back Pain When Running?

Runners often feel an excruciating pain in their upper back which has no relation with exercising or the lack of it. What could be the cause of upper back pain? The root cause lies in posture.

We are so immersed in our daily lives that each day’s struggle puts a huge weight on our shoulders. This causes us to slouch. Activities like reading, writing, or working in front of a computer also add to this unhealthy posture. When the same people try running, their upper back starts hurting, preventing them from doing so.

Slouching puts huge pressure on the muscles of the spine which is the reason behind the pain. Thus, prevention of upper back pain while running has to start with correction of posture and other habits.

Limit the time and correct the posture of sitting

Sitting for a long while in the same exact position puts pressure on the muscles causing spasms. To avoid this, limit the time of sitting. Take a walk often and move about from place to place. In case you are involved in a job that requires you to sit in one place for longer periods of time, try switching between different positions to prevent tension in muscles.

You can also try walking to your place of job, instead of taking a bus or car to include more walking in your daily schedule. A correct posture needs to be maintained all the time to make sure not much pressure is put on the muscles of your upper back.

Reduce the weight on your shoulders

Runners often carry a backpack with them which remains strapped to their back. This carries essentials that they might need during their run.

Make sure to carry only the items that are absolutely necessary, such as, a bottle of water, a dry towel, an energy drink, etc. Otherwise, the weight adds up unnecessarily and puts stress on the muscles of your upper back.

Make sure to use straps for your bag that are properly fitted. This ensures that the weight is uniformly distributed on your shoulders and back. The bag should be carried only while walking or running to avoid additional stress. It is better to take it off when you are standing or taking a rest.

Exercise regularly

Upper body exercises are a must in order to have a body that is physically fit. This would also prevent a lot of body aches because it regulates muscle movements, due to which there would not be any surprise tension in the muscles while running.

A very common upper body exercise is the foam roller stretch. In case you do not have a foam roller, a tightly rolled-up beach towel would suffice just the same.

Use short term pain-relieving products

Different products, such as Biofreeze, Arnica, Volini, etc. work for different individuals, but they provide temporary relief from pain in your upper back caused by running. Thus, for more permanent relief, you must maintain a proper posture and exercise regularly.

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