How do Brainspotting Los Angeles Treatments Cure Anxiety?

Everyone gets anxious to some point. You can feel anxious regarding an upcoming event, doubt your capabilities at work, or worry about your ailing parent.

But for some people, anxiety is an everyday struggle without any clear cause. Individuals with anxiety often experience obsessive and intrusive thoughts and may find it hard to concentrate. In addition, they can experience some physical manifestations of increased sweating, digestive problems, panic attacks, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

When those symptoms and feelings become overwhelming, meeting with a professional therapist specializing in brainspotting Los Angeles will be best.

What Brainspotting Is

This is a brain-body-based treatment or therapy. It has become the fastest-growing area of anxiety treatment thanks to the proven capability to quickly address issues, which traditional talk therapists take longer to handle.

Brainspotting has also been shown to be very effective in treating anxiety among performers and athletes. Some of the best Los Angeles brainspotting anxiety centers even combine the therapy with other treatments, such as CBT and EMDR therapy.

How It Works

This therapy works on the principle that emotions and feelings from anxiety become trapped in your body, which results in mental and physical ailments.

Experts believe that an individual’s memory of a particularly tragic event can be reset in their mind and body through brainspotting.

Your body is made to maintain stability, but when you process or fail to process trauma, your stable bodily environment gets affected, and you start experiencing mental and physical symptoms related to anxiety.

Well, brainspotting for anxiety treatment accesses this field and tries to integrate the right things so as to promote peace and stability in the area of traumatic event memory.

Brainspotting and Anxiety

If traditional talk therapy hasn’t been successful for you or seems overwhelming and uncomfortable, brainspotting can be a great solution as it uses body and eye movements instead of words to access the source of anxiety in the brain.

Although brainspotting treatment may be used independently, it might as well improve other forms of therapies, like EMDR and talk therapy. Experts have found that Los Angeles brainspotting alongside traditional talk therapy helps to relieve anxiety and its symptoms.

Usually, the therapy session follows specific steps, like a therapist asking you to mention an event, memory, thought, or experience, which is making you feel anxious. Then your therapist will help you to concentrate on specific feelings you are experiencing.

How to Start and What to Expect

Since brainspotting is a kind of therapy that needs specialized training, it would be a great idea to look for a certified therapist. You can use online directories for therapists to help you find an expert who is experienced and specializes in brainspotting.

During the brainspotting therapy session, your therapist can highlight some of the things you should expect from the entire process. Some of these may include the following:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Identifying the stress
  • Finding your brain spot
  • Taking an inside or outside window approach
  • Processing your feelings

The Bottom Line!

Only a trained therapist specializing in anxiety treatment may help to determine whether brainspotting is the best approach. So call the right therapist in Los Angeles to set up a meeting to advise you accordingly.

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