Health Carousel Fills Urgent Medical Staffing Needs

Health Carousel has been around since 2004, meeting the staffing needs of clinics and hospitals in 50 states. Since its inception, Health Carousel has been on a mission to ensure that the medical facilities in the U.S. have qualified and trained medical staff in sufficient numbers to meet the demands of patients. In a world with a global nursing shortage, Health Carousel is a beacon of hope, with several initiatives in place that are designed to ensure that future generations have access to trained and qualified nursing staff.

Awards and Accolades

As a leader in healthcare staffing, Health Carousel has earned a reputation for providing quality healthcare staff, providing a positive work environment, promoting workplace diversity, and supporting employees who wish to volunteer time, money, or both to charitable causes. Health Carousel has been the proud recipient of numerous awards and accolades, both in its home state of Ohio and in other regions. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Health Carousel is proud to have been awarded:

        Daisy Award (from Daisy Foundation)

        Health Care Heroes Award (from Cincinnati Business Courier)

        Pillar Award for Community Service (Medical Mutual)

        Best Place to Work in Cincinnati, OH (multiple years)

        Best Place to Work in Dayton, OH (multiple years)

        Top 25 Healthiest Employers in Dayton, OH (Dayton Business Journal)

        Ernst & Young 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year

Traveling Nurses Can Rely on Health Carousel

Traveling nurses represent a large portion of the healthcare professional field. These nurses travel from one location to the next on an as-needed basis. Their services include both general and specialized training. Health Carousel maintains a special division that supports traveling nurses exclusively, Health Carousel Travel Nursing, in order to quickly accommodate immediate staffing needs in 50 states. Their process for matching a traveling nurse with a needy healthcare facility is so streamlined that they are often the first place that a medical facility contacts for urgent needs and the first place that traveling nurses contact for short or medium-length nursing assignments.

Medical Professionals Get a Break Thanks to Health Carousel

When salaried medical professionals such as physicians and practitioners need to take time off, their post has to be filled somehow. That’s when Health Carousel Locum Tenens fills an important need. This special division of Health Carousel is dedicated to finding skilled and licensed medical practitioners who can swiftly fill in while the regular physician takes some time off. These are short-term positions, but the need is so crucial that, without Health Carousel, regular physicians wouldn’t be able to have any time off during the year without patients going without needed healthcare.

Health Carousel’s Light the Way Initiative

Named after the famous Florence Nightingale nurse, Health Carousel’s Light the Way initiative was created to help pave the way for the next generation of nurses to acquire needed training and certifications. This initiative is a global one and is currently ongoing in the U.S. and in a handful of countries.

Health Carousel is taking the lead in ensuring that both large and small healthcare facilities have the staff they need to provide excellent healthcare for their communities.



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