Get Rid Of Your Melasma With Pico Laser: Reasons To Choose

You may have melasma if you have ever noticed brown or gray-brown patches on your skin. Hormonal fluctuations, often during pregnancy, as well as sun exposure, can induce melasma in the skin. Melasma may be covered with makeup, but you’re now able to hit a point where you need to look better instead of covering it up. Pico Laser Toronto is meant to treat multiple skin conditions, including melasma. For a very short time, perhaps a trillionth of a second called a picosecond, the Pico Laser delivers high-intensity laser pulses. The laser aims for pigment and stimulates the formation of natural collagen in your skin cells. Our doctors will evaluate the skin and then use the Pico laser to enhance the color of your melasma or other pigmentation with a special appointment.

Here are a few reasons Pico laser is the best treatment for melasma:

Pulsed laser energy is used in Pico laser

The Pico laser is a custom laser form.  It produces short laser pulses directly on your melasma, split it apart so that your body can dispose of it naturally. Other melasma therapies can also lead to discoloration or other skin results. But PicoSure is primarily designed for pigmentation of the melasma skin patch; it improves the appearance of the problem areas while thus protecting the skin.

Pico therapy also rejuvenates the skin

If your primary concern is melasma, PicoSure Laser can help you out. It also enhances skin color, elasticity, and texture. The laser smoothes and enhances the skin’s overall look, even reducing wrinkles, sun, and acne marks. This means that the underlying skin will shine brilliantly once the melasma pigmentation is treated.

The therapy is short and painless

Conventional melasma therapies may have been long-term, and all of you needed to wait for results. On the other hand, Pico Laser is short and you can easily see results. It takes about 30 minutes for the laser treatment, and you feel little or no discomfort. You may see improvements in only one session or you may need more to reach the ideal look depending on your particular skin condition.

The Pico laser is a good technique to improve the appearance of melasma and other skin defects. If you’re looking forward to smooth skin, contact the sovereign skin office in Toronto or book an online appointment with our best doctors.

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