Five best Orange County Drug Rehab Centers

Drugs and alcohol addiction negatively impact one’s life turning them to become ghosts of their real selves. When you are battling with addiction, both you ad those around you get affected. People lose jobs and family members due to substance addiction. The good news is substance addiction is treatable. You need to get adequate help from professional recovery centers and realign your life to become a productive and sober person. Below are reviews of the best Orange County drug rehab centers for the orange county region residents.

  • Adelante Recovery Center

Adelante recovery center is among the top drug rehabs facilities in Orange County, located in Corona Del Mar.  At Adelante, they provide a 24/7 active communication system. People have different challenges during addiction recovery. Adelante understands all its customers and provides customized treatment programs. The staff walks with the clients throughout the recovery period, equipping them with skills to help them overcome relapse in the future. They provide detox, dual diagnosis, inpatient and residential treatment services.

  • Surf City Alcohol and Drug treatments

To refrain from drug and alcohol abuse, people think everything stops when they withdraw from using the substance. Addiction treatment means stopping the use, detoxifying, and counseling the clients to lead a healthy life. Surf city treatment center is certified to offer addiction treatment. It’s the leading rehab center offering outpatient treatment programs in Orange county. Additionally, clients get transitional living guidance from Surf professionals minimizing any relapse possibilities.

  • Orange country Substance Abuse and Mental health recovery center

Substance abuse affects the physical and mental health of the patients.  You are looking for help to overcome the alcohol, heroin, marijuana use problems? Orange county treatment center is the best place to consider. The institution has a great reputation for its service quality. It has a great team of licensed medical and clinical specialties who provide the best treatment to the clients. Insurance payment is acceptable. Treatment is personalized, so every patient gets what they want, creating a healthy recovering environment.

  • Resurgence behavioral health center

Rehabilitation centers could be costly, a factor that chases people away even when they need assistance. When you visit Resurgence rehab, they understand the client’s financial struggle without judgment. Your existing medical insurance is enough for you to get professional addiction treatment at Resurgence.  In addition, if more funds are needed, they help their patients get more funding channels to help them complete their treatment journey. The facility is in Costa Mesa and is always ready to answer you all day long.

  • Lighthouse treatment center

Recovered addicts find it challenging to fit in back to society. This sees some people isolating themselves, and some develop depressive disorders. Thanks to their qualified team, Lighthouse rehab center serves professionally to give you a comfortable and healthy life. They have detox programs, organize educational groups for the addicts, and physical therapy classes.  You won’t walk alone in the recovery journey when you join the lighthouse center. They provide family counseling programs, making it easier for recovered addicts to have a smooth transition outside.

Bottom line

Alcohol and drug abuse addiction is a disease, and it’s treatable. The recovery journey is easier when you have professional guidance. Visit the rehab center’s websites to get more information on their services.

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