First Aid Courses Gold Coast

First Aid Courses are an essential part of any Gold Coast workplace. At Paradise First Aid, we offer a wide range of first aid training courses, from basic first aid to advanced first aid, that will teach you how to respond in an emergency situation.

First Aid Training is essential to provide adequate care in the event of a medical emergency

You never know when you may need to help someone in their time of need, whether that’s at work or otherwise.

  • First aid training is often required by law, for example:
  • Health and safety regulations require that all employers have at least one person trained in first aid and CPR on-site at all times. This can be fulfilled by a staff member who has completed an accredited course or it could be you!
  • As an employee, you are entitled to receive first aid treatment at work if you become ill or injured, which means that if you don’t have any experience with treating injuries then your business may be held liable for not providing adequate care.
  • The Gold Coast is a busy place and there’s a chance you may come across someone at some point that needs help – it may be a college, a family member or even a stranger! Not knowing what to do can be highly distressing for not only you but the person involved.

Nationally accredited first aid courses Gold Coast

Nationally accredited first aid courses are important for many reasons. First, they ensure that you will be able to give the best possible care in an emergency situation. Many different organisations offer nationally accredited first aid courses, including us at Paradise First Aid. We provide training in both classroom and hands-on environments, so you can learn about everything from basic techniques to minor burns treatment and more advanced procedures like bleeding control or snake bite treatments.

The important thing to remember when it comes to a nationally accredited gold coast first aid course is that they are accepted by all workforces. If you complete a first aid course through someone who doesn’t offer national accreditation, your employer may not accept it.

Who can benefit from taking a first aid course?

Put simply, everyone of all ages and walks of life can benefit from completing a first aid course. Industries, where it is highly advantageous if not required, may be:

  • Construction, manufacturing and engineering
  • Hospitality (restaurants and cafes)
  • Retail (stores, supermarkets)
  • Transport and logistics
  • Mining
  • Government departments such as police or firefighting

First Aid courses teach you how to respond in an emergency situation and give medical treatment

First aid is a course designed to teach you how to respond in an emergency situation and give medical treatment.

First aid courses are available for all ages, from children through to adults and seniors. Many people choose to participate in first aid training because they want to learn how to respond if someone has an injury or illness. Others want the skills so they can help their family members with basic medical issues around the home such as burns, bites and stings, cuts etc., while others may be looking at getting into the medical profession as a career path whereby they would be required to have formal qualifications such as these under their belt before starting out on this new journey into healthcare professions such as nursing or paramedic studies at university level.

How long is a first aid course valid for?

A first aid certificate is valid for three years, but you can renew it by taking a refresher course. It’s important to remember that all first aid certificates need to be renewed every three years and if you don’t take the refresher course, then your certificate will expire on its original date of issue. If you require a current first aid certificate to maintain your employment and it has expired, you may be asked to temporarily take leave until you have successfully completed a new first aid course.

How long does a first aid course take?

First aid courses can be anywhere from 3 to 8 hours. Generally, basic first aid is a couple of hours whereas advanced first aid courses take longer.

If you are doing a general first aid course then most instructors will cover all basic areas of first aid so that you have an understanding of how to help someone in any situation.

Will I get a certificate for completing a first aid course?

You can get a certificate for completing the first aid course. The certificate is valid for three years and is recognised by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

Our First Aid Training Courses are designed for all workplaces and individuals and are delivered by experienced and passionate professionals

We offer First Aid Training Courses for all workplaces, including:

  • Schools and childcare centres
  • Hospitals and aged care facilities
  • Retail stores (including supermarkets)

We also provide specialised courses for industries such as construction, manufacturing and mining.

Everyone can benefit from learning first aid

First Aid is a vital skill that everyone should have. In the event of an emergency, it’s important to be able to provide adequate care for those who need it most. As such, first aid training courses are essential for anyone who wants the ability to help others in times of need.

National Accredited First Aid courses are offered across Australia and are taught by qualified instructors who can teach you how to respond appropriately in any situation involving injuries or illnesses. Our Gold Coast first aid course covers all aspects of basic life support (BLS), including CPR certification as well as infant/child CPR certification if desired.

Where can I find a Nationally Accredited first aid course on the Gold Coast?

At Paradise First Aid, we deliver first-class first-aid courses right across the Gold Coast. Our training is fun and engaging and anything but boring. We have multiple classes every week in various locations enabling you to find a course time that suits you. We are located in 3 convenient locations, Coomera, Harbour Town and Mermaid Beach.

We can help you to find a first aid course that is suitable for your schedule. Contact us or check out our website to see our variety of first aid classes and our upcoming timetable.

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