Dr. Richard Nahas Discusses Why Dental Implants Are Beneficial


According to Dr. Richard Nahas, dental implants have been a popular tooth replacement option for quite a while, and for good reason. Dental implants have become more common globally and the annual number of dental implants in Canada has already reached over a hundred thousand. Let’s check out why dental implants are beneficial for you.

The Discussion

  1. Dental implants are comfortable – When you opt for this process, an implant is directly embedded in your jawbone. The implant stimulates the root of the tooth and binds to your jaw to provide additional strength and stability. After the implant has been placed, the jawbone grows around the titanium implant to make it firmer and more natural.

Other tooth replacement options can’t mimic this natural feeling and security delivered by dental implants. Traditional dentures are way more dramatic and come with the hassle of denture adhesives. They are messy and highly inconvenient.

  1. Speaking with implants is easy – Your teeth enable you to create a lot of sounds. If you miss a couple of teeth in certain positions, you will lose a bit of your vocabulary. If you choose traditional dentures as a tooth replacement option, they are going to be loose and may even slide around as you speak. That means you’ll end up lisping and slurring your words. This is distracting and embarrassing, to say the least.

There are no such issues with dental implants. Gaps in your teeth can be filled with ease and allow you to press or roll your tongue against them to create the right sounds. Moreover, implants are highly stable and slowly become part of your teeth. They don’t slide or move around on your jaw.

  1. Low maintenance – While there are different types of dental implants available in the market, implants capped with crowns are the most popular. They look and feel like real teeth and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Continue good oral hygiene and they should last you for a very long time. That means you need to brush your teeth twice a day, floss and use a mouthwash at least once a day and visit your dentist for preventative cleaning at least once in six months.
  1. Highly durable – As mentioned above, dental implants are strong, stable, and highly durable. With good oral hygiene, dental implants can last you for over a decade. On the other hand, dentures need to be replaced every 5 years or so since you suffer from bone loss in your jaw. Due to the high durability and stability, implants also require fewer adjustments, if any over their lifetime. That means you’ll be able to save more money in the long run and have fewer hassles to maintain your dental hygiene.


Dr. Richard Nahas suggests that you get a dental checkup if you’re experiencing pain or other issues and get a dental implant if necessary. The benefits outweigh the risks and disadvantages of this process and can drastically improve your social and professional life.

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