Dr. Edward Picardi: What Does a General Surgeon Do?

Dr. Edward Picardi didn’t have the plan to become a general surgeon when he first enrolled as an undergraduate student. However, after years of education and medical school, he gravitated toward the opportunity to be one of the most versatile surgeons in the field.

Unlike many types of surgeons, it’s not easily identifiable what general surgeons do. What surgeries do they mostly perform? Is it hard to become a general surgeon? The profession requires physicians to wear a lot of different hats while working, but it can be a rewarding position.

Becoming a General Surgeon

As is the case with any doctor, a lot of education and training goes into becoming a general surgeon. Those who go into the profession have dedicated a lot of time, energy, and money just to get to this point. Many say that being a general surgeon requires even more knowledge due to the various types of focus to have general knowledge of different procedures.

After going to college for an undergraduate degree, the real education and training start with attending medical school. A person must graduate with an MD degree to get the opportunity to apply for and complete surgical residencies.

Physicians must have at least five years of progressive residency in an accredited program. Residency programs are intense, as each year has 48 weeks of full-time work seeing patients.

They must also pass the general surgery qualifying and the general surgery certifying examination after residency. They have a total of seven years to pass these exams. 

It’s up to a general surgeon if they want to undergo special training for certification to perform vascular surgery, pediatric surgery, hospice and palliative medicine, and more. This can add more versatility to a physician’s résumé when it comes to landing jobs later on.

Why are General Surgeons Necessary?

A general surgeon can perform a lot of different tasks as a doctor. They keep busy by seeing a variety of patients.

General surgeons can often be found as a way to help with a medical emergency. Since they have a broad knowledge of various issues, they can jump in and do an emergency procedure without hesitation. Working in the emergency room and seeing patients needing immediate help works well for general surgeons.

They can also operate like other surgeons as a way to get help for a recommended surgery or any type of elective procedure. Every general surgeon has slightly different preferences, but it’s not uncommon to have them do multiple types of procedures daily.

Is It Worth Becoming a General Surgeon?

General surgeons will always be in high demand because of their ability to do so many different things to help patients. Hospitals and medical practices love hiring versatile surgeons capable of stepping in and working on whatever is needed.

Some general surgeons stay as a general surgeon their whole career. Others might find later that they enjoy a specific specialty, so they will gravitate towards that as an option.

General surgeons receive great compensation, and their workload is fairly manageable. Compared to other surgeons. One of the most challenging things about becoming a general surgeon is getting through the education and residency early on. Once that is handled, general surgeons usually have a solid work-life balance.

Education is always going to appear intimidating, but those passionate about pursuing a degree in medicine will find general surgery to be one of the top choices out there.

What Types of Surgeries do General Surgeons Perform?

Some medical tools and a computer that is used by medical professionals

Every general surgeon is slightly different in the surgeries they perform. That comes with the territory as a surgeon with knowledge of several different procedures. For example, a general surgeon can take care of smaller soft tissue issues like cutting off skin lesions or removing a gallbladder. These surgeons will generally focus more on minimally invasive surgeries, so they aren’t tied up with one patient all day.

Another thing to remember is that general surgeons primarily only perform outpatient surgery. Anything more complex tends to require a specialist. The difference is a trauma issue where the hospital might require a patient to stay around.

How Dr. Edward Picardi has Excelled as a General Surgeon

Dr. Edward Picardi first got a taste of general surgery when stationed at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. He would later move to Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota before moving into the private sector in the same state. He still spent time working at a Veteran’s Hospital, along with Indian Health Hospital, to assist people living on the Native American reservation nearby.

After spending considerable time in South Dakota, Dr. Edward Picardi returned to Ohio to start working at a Catholic Charity Hospital in the eastern part of the state. 

Being able to help out so many people from all walks of life is a true motivator for Dr. Edward Picardi. He spends time volunteering when he’s not at work, even going on medical missionary trips to Africa every year. A Christian, Dr. Edward Picardi’s missionary work also allows him and his wife, Sandy, to share their beliefs and religion while helping others.

The appeal of general surgery is that he can provide answers on a lot of topics other medical professionals don’t know much about. 

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