Body Builder Check Up

Working out is all about the results. What about the journey towards getting those results? If you don’t periodically check in on yourself throughout your fitness journey, you could be slowing down your potential progress. The following check ins will help you make the most of your fitness routine.

Calorie Intake

One of the most important things to monitor when working out is your calorie intake. If you’re not consuming enough calories to sustain your body weight and provide fuel for your workout, you’re going to end up doing more harm to your body.

Vitamins and Nutrients

If you are serious about gaining muscle you most likely take some supplements or hormones. While these are excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients, it is crucial to ensure you are taking the correct dose. For example, a proper sermorelin dosage is administered evenly between morning and night. Always follow the product’s suggested use and your physician’s recommendation when adding a dietary supplement to your routine.

Junk Food

It is also crucial to be aware of what kinds of fats and sugars you are consuming. When that late-night craving hits, avoid the fast food drive through and stick with organic nuts and fruits. While your body need certain fats and sugars to break down and utilize, it shouldn’t be coming from artificial or unhealthy sources.

Sleep Schedule

In addition to your diet, also consider your circadian rhythm. If you’re not sleeping well, you can’t exercise to the best of your ability. Avoid potential injury and improve your results by prioritizing your bedtime routine. A recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep will do wonders to your fitness routine and results. Consider natural remedies like melatonin, meditation, or creating your own before-bed ritual if you are having trouble winding down after a long day.

Thought Patterns

Neuroscience is shedding more light on the power of the mind and just how much your thoughts matter. If you are thinking negatively throughout the day then expect your workout to take a beating too. Being too hard on yourself will only result in greater obstacles and an overall lack of motivation. Practice positive affirmations to combat sluggishness.

Your fitness routine is more than just a set of physical movements or number of sets. Every part of your life plays a role in making up your fitness routine. By looking at the larger picture of what is going into your body versus how much energy you are exerting out you can maximize the effectiveness of your workout routine.

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