Best yet affordable walker rollator

Quite often, we find aged, disabled, or people with weak upper body or legs as well as having stability issues using mobility aids like walkers or rollators.

It is more of a physical condition that makes it necessary to use some or the other mobility aid like a cane, walker, or rollator which is also termed a walker rollator.

Role of mobility aids

Mobility devices basically help you to move without depending on the support of any person and thus allow you to feel independent, improve your confidence and make you capable of doing things on your own.

Mobility aids like walker or walker rollator:

  • Reduce physical exertion, prevent fatigue
  • Minimize the risk of falling
  • Maintain body balance, provide more stability
  • Lessen the pressure on weak muscles and load on joints
  • Gradually improve muscle tone

Although purpose of a traditional walker andwalker rollator is the same yet they differ from each other in terms of shape, size, operation and convenience.

Difference between traditional walker and walker rollator

Traditional walkers are made of a metal frame having four legs with support bars in the center and are required enough strength in the upper body so that they can be lifted each time while taking a step.

Walkers are ideal for individuals who are not able to put weight on their legs, have stability issues, or have poor body balance.Whereas, a walker rollator is regarded as an upgraded, modern and better version of a  walker and can be useful for people with weak upper body strength or those who find it difficult to lift a walker.

Structurally, a walking rollator, like a traditional walker is also made of a frame with four legs but it is provided with wheels that help the user to push it instead of lifting and hence considered less tiring.The number of wheels on a walker rollator is generally three or four depending on particular models.

Walker rollators are also provided with easy-to-grasp handlebars to help user to push the rollator forward.  Rollators are also equipped with hand brakes so that as and when required they can be stopped.

Some of the advanced models of rollators also have additional features like a built-in seat, storage bag, and shopping basket.

Individuals who have weak muscles and are notstrong enough to walk or stand on their feet should prefer a walker rollator to avoid slipping and prevent injuries.

Types of Walker Rollators

By and large, there are three main types of walker rollators available in various models and with various features. The three types of walker rollators are:

  • Three-wheeled – have two wheels in the back and one wheel in the front for easy maneuvering and turning. Being light in weight compared to four-wheeled rollators, these are highly portable but without s seat
  • Four Wheeled – have two wheels in front and two in the back and are more stable and offer better support than the three-wheeled rollators. Mostly available with a wider cushioned seat
  • Heavy duty – are meant for individuals with higher weight and have robust steel frames and larger wheels.

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