Improving the condition of any skin type increases people’s confidence and comfort when running their activities and interacting with others. Beauty products with different compositions are manufactured and individuals purchase the products which suite their skin. Dermatologists give relevant medical advice and treatment to help handle conditions which cannot be managed using simple procedures. Most of the beauty products are bought over the counter and enhance simple skin problems. Understanding one’s skin types ensures one develops the right procedures and routines increasing the state of the skin. Serum products help the skin in absorbing vitamin c and sunscreens prevent the ultra violet rays of the sun from penetrating the skin. Elemis pro collagen  is a skin supplement which skin elasticity and promotes recovery of the muscles after exercising.


Simple tests can be carried at home to help one understand their skin type to help one purchase the right beauty products. The tests measure the amount of sebum production and it determines if the skin is oily, dry, normal or a combination. To make the right testing ensure the skin is clean and dry. Press tissues or an oil blotting paper on your face and hold the paper sheet to the light and check out the transparency of the paper. If there is no transparency but only skin flakes then the skin is dry. Soaking of the sheet stipulated an oily skin type. When the skin is not too oily or no flakes are seen then the skin is normal. The skin can be sensitive and does not follow the sebum production but it is determined by how fast the skin protects itself while reacting to any products. Skin allergies make the skin itchy and can turn its color. Ensure you buy the right products for your skin that do not affect its sensitivity.


If over the counter products are not working efficiently with your skin then it is advice to seek for medical help. Skin conditions like recurring acne, itchiness or other skin related problems may need medical prescriptions like antibiotics or other medications that manage skin problems. Dermatologists are able to examine any skin conditions and can involve extraction of the skin flakes or deeper cysts and are tested to determine the conditions. Careful skin routines should be followed as they reduce skin sensitivity and increase the beauty state of the skin. Understand your skin type to enhance the right selection of the beauty products. Check the ingredients used to manufacture any products to avoid causing allergies on your skin that did not exist previously.

In conclusion, individuals should understand their skin type to help them make the right skin decisions. Testing ones skin type simple procedures using a piece of sheet are used to determine how oily the skin is. Right knowledge on the ingredients contained in any products helps individuals be more responsible and choose the appropriate products. if skin irritation is persistent and over the cuter products do not offer the relevant solutions then one should visit a medical specialist. They help in choosing the right skin procedure and medications that improve the state of any skin.

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