Aptihealth Leads the Charge With Innovative Mental Health Solutions in Virtual-First Settings

A nationwide approach to reducing the stigma associated with pursuing mental health support has led to improved medical outcomes for countless patients nationwide. Mental health services have grown increasingly popular over the past decade, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its corresponding mental health impacts.

Aptihealth offers innovative behavioral health services in a virtual-first setting to meet the needs of residents throughout New York State. Specializing in convenient and accessible care, Aptihealth thrives as part of a larger healthcare ecosystem.

The Role of Aptihealth

Aptihealth offers a slew of mental health services in a virtual-first setting using best-in-class technology to connect patients and licensed therapists. Operating within a HIPAA-compliant space, patients of Aptihealth can enjoy virtual benefits from the comfort of their personal computers, tablets, or smartphones with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Patients interested in joining Aptihealth must be a resident of New York State over the age of 5. Patients of all acuity levels are welcome at Aptihealth upon going through an intake session with an Aptihealth professional. This session helps connect the right mental health services to the right patient.

Aptihealth offers its patients a range of benefits as it seeks to tackle better and more positive mental health outcomes. A few benefits of Aptihealth include

  • Quick and Convenient Sign-Up Process – Patients must first take an online assessment to help Aptihealth better assess their needs. Following the evaluation, patients will contact an Aptihealth associate by phone. After this Diagnostic Intake Session, patients are connected to the team that can support them.
  • Finding the Right Providers – After the Diagnostic Intake session, patients and providers will work together in interactive sessions over video conferencing. Therapists can bring on licensed medication prescribers to attend to any medicinal needs.
  • Convenient Therapy Sessions – Utilizing best-in-class technology, Aptihealth conducts suitable therapy sessions across its secured video platform. Usable on smartphones, tablets, and computers, Aptihealth’s tech resources give patients the direction they need to find the best support.

Improved Outcomes in Mental Health

Aptihealth’s professional services can provide patients with a slew of significant benefits. When put against their efforts, patients can find a pathway to growth and success. Working with Aptihealth can lead to a range of beneficial outcomes, including.

  • Healing From Stress and Trauma
  • Assistance Finding Medication Treatment Access
  • Growth In Personal and Professional Fields
  • Reduction in Risk of Chronic Diseases and Health Events

According to a study compiled by Aptihealth, nearly 91% of all patients say that Aptihealth has fostered positive changes within their lives. Further, 95% of patients reported that Aptihealth has directly and tangibly enhanced their lives. The average rating given to Aptihealth by patients is 4.8 out of 5.

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