AIC’s Northeast Expansion: Enhancing Access to Specialized Infusion Services

AIS Healthcare, a leader in providing targeted drug delivery and infusion care services in the United States and the parent company of Advanced Infusion Care (AIC), made a significant announcement on August 14th. They declared the opening of a new AIC pharmacy in Cockeysville, Maryland. This event marks a critical phase in AIC’s strategic expansion, the third in a series of significant growth steps taken within five months. This follows the expansion of AIC’s nursing and in-home care services in the Northeast earlier in August and the reopening of a redesigned pharmacy in Valdosta, Georgia, in April.

AIC President Jud Hall, in a detailed press release, expressed his excitement about the new pharmacy in Maryland. He emphasized that this expansion indicates AIC’s steadfast commitment to its patients and vision of providing top-tier healthcare services with a personal touch. The new facility aims to make the medication fulfillment process more efficient, enhance convenience for patients, and, ultimately, improve their lives.

The Maryland facility represents the sixth location where AIC can dispense critical medications and provide personalized care to patients with complex medical conditions. This expansion is not merely a physical extension of AIC’s facilities; it signifies a deepening commitment to improving healthcare accessibility and quality in various regions nationwide.

The announcement of the Maryland pharmacy came shortly after AIC’s strategic move into the New England region, extending its services to Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. This expansion has significantly bolstered AIC’s presence in the Northeastern United States. Hall highlighted that this move enables AIC’s infusion nurse specialists to support a broader range of patients. He stressed the importance of their team’s nationally accredited home infusion specialists in ensuring that each individual’s unique clinical and personal needs are met, thereby improving outcomes for all their patients.

The foundation for AIC’s recent growth was laid in April with the establishment the newly designed pharmacy in Valdosta. According to Hall, this facility was set to enhance AIC’s compliance with industry-leading regulatory standards, improve quality and operational flow, and facilitate sustained growth into new markets. He also mentioned that the new facility would increase production capacity and improve staff efficiency, contributing to the company’s overall operational success.

Beyond the corporate benefits, AIC’s expansion represents significant progress for patients who rely on infusion care treatments to manage immunodeficiencies and other complex health conditions. AIC specializes in addressing a variety of primary immunodeficiencies and autoimmune disorders. Many of these patients suffer from debilitating symptoms and require consistent immunoglobulin therapy to maintain their immune systems and fend off infections.

With the expansion into New England, AIC now provides localized access to infusion care and bespoke treatment options. This includes round-the-clock access to a team comprising clinical pharmacists, intake managers, and infusion nurse specialists who provide in-home infusion care and training for self-infusion and infusion pump usage.

The medical professionals at AIC work closely with patients to ensure they receive the best care possible. This dedication is reflected in the company’s high patient satisfaction rates, with a 99% satisfaction rate in in-home care and 97% of patients showing high adherence to their medication regimens. AIS Healthcare’s quality of services, including AIC’s pharmacy and nursing services, has garnered recognition from top independent industry accreditors, such as URAC and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), highlighting the company’s commitment to excellence in healthcare.

As a result of AIC’s expansion, more patients have access to various treatment options and a trusted, accredited healthcare partner. This is particularly crucial given that 80% of people with primary immunodeficiencies worldwide lack access to adequate healthcare. Therefore, AIC’s expansion holds the potential to make a significant, life-saving impact for many individuals in need of these vital healthcare services.

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