Activities And Actions You Never Knew Harm Your Upper Back

The upper back is the most underutilized portion of the entire back structure. People usually face problems associated with either the lower back or the neck portion. The upper back is located above the lumbar spine and below the cervical spine. It is very stable because it connects with the rib and acts as underlying support to the entire spinal structure. However, we cannot neglect the medical issues that are associated with the upper back. Here is a list of some activities and actions that are leading causes of upper back problems.

Muscle deconditioning and poor posture

Most of us work at a desk i.e. we spend a huge portion of our day sitting. This means that we do not engage our back muscles in some heavy activities. This can be deteriorating in the long term because eventually, the back muscles will weaken.

Weak muscles are the result of muscle deconditioning. Muscle deconditioning is harmful because the spinal structure starts to compress due to gravitational force and body weight. This discrepancy can lead to pain and inflammation in the upper back.

Therefore, do not sit in a poor posture for long hours and keep stretching your body once in a while. Weight training can help immensely in strengthening the back muscles. Additionally, consider getting a standing desk to strengthen your back.

Muscle overuse

Muscle overuse is common for people who engage in physical activity for long hours daily. However, the physical activity in this case only involves only one range of motion, which puts pressure on one particular muscle.

For example, a bowler in a cricket match continuously uses his shoulder to deliver. This may cause tightness and irritation in his shoulder. The causes related to muscle overuse must be diagnosed at the earliest to avoid the development of chronic pain.

If you are engaged in limited physical activity, try finding suitable alternatives to widen your range of motion. Additionally, you can also use an ice pack at the end of the day to promote blood flow in the overused areas.

Also, Visit informative health and wellness websites like Health Report Live to get an overview of the correct postures and back exercises to avoid such problems.

Traumatic injuries

Severe injuries can adversely affect the back and lead to serious health issues. Usually, these injuries are caused by car accidents, stair falls, incorrect lifting, etc. The symptoms associated with the injured back usually arise immediately, but in some cases, they may develop later.

In any case, consult your physician immediately for an in-depth diagnosis. Your doctor will look at all the factors and provide you with the best possible treatment. Negligence in case of traumatic injuries can lead to chronic back pain, paralysis, restricted movement, etc.

Herniated disc

A herniated disc is mostly associated with the lower back. However, we cannot rule out this disease from the upper back. The disk-like cushion present between each vertebra sometimes pokes through, which results in increased pressure on the entire structure.

You may experience severe pain around your upper and middle back. Herniated discs are a common issue, and people get better just by taking rest and anti-inflammatory medication.

However, consult your doctor as soon as you feel unprecedented pain in your back to get treatment at the earliest.

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