A Guide to Visiting a Marijuana Dispensary for the First Time

Several states have legalized weed leading to an increase in first-time weed users. While a dispensary visit is like going to any other store, first-timers tend to find it a little daunting.

Read on to find out how to make your first trip to the dispensary less tense and more enjoyable.

What should you bring to the medical dispensary?

The essential documents to bring when visiting the medical dispensary for the first time include;

  • ID

An ID is to ascertain your age. No dispensary will let you in without a valid government-issued ID or a driver’s license. You need to understand the legal age in your state before visiting the dispensary.

  • MMJ Card

Carry your MMJ card if your state has a functional medical marijuana program. The card determines the marijuana quantity and strain to purchase. However, you don’t need it in states that allow marijuana for recreational use.

  • Cash

Lastly, don’t forget to carry cash. Most medical dispensaries are cash-only, with only a handful accepting credit cards.

How do you prepare to visit a medical dispensary?

  • Understand your needs

The first step when preparing to visit a medical dispensary is to understand your goals. Consider what you want from the products. Establishing whether you are looking for something to help you relax or feel energized will help you find what works best.

  • Research

The next step is to research about marijuana. While there are employees to help in the dispensary, you are better off knowing the products. Understand the various strains and a few marijuana terms. The knowledge makes you more comfortable and confident when you visit the premises.

  • Ascertain store availability

Once you understand what you need and the various products, it’s time to identify the right store. Look up Dispensaries Near Me to help you find the closest stores nearer to you.

Visit the websites of these stores to understand what they sell before you visit.

  • Understand the local laws

Go through the provisions of the local laws for marijuana possession, purchase, and use before you visit the dispensary. Understand the implications on both medical and recreational marijuana use in your area.

What can you expect when visiting the marijuana dispensary?

Here’s what to expect when you visit the dispensary for the first time;

  • Friendly staff

The medical dispensaries have friendly and helpful staff who will help you through the process. The team has handled various newcomers before and would quickly identify and help you. They are willing to show you the multiple products available and answer all your questions.

  • Security

You might be surprised by the heavy security at the dispensary. You will find armed security guards, security cameras, and protected entrances. These are standard measures to protect the customers, employees, and products.

  • Etiquette

Various dispensaries provide for specific etiquette to follow when visiting. Observe the drawings or indications of such rules. Also, observe the different standard rules like respecting the other shoppers, allowing privacy, and eliminate distractions like phones ringing loudly.

Bottom Line

The first-time visit to the medical dispensary is the most daunting. Use the above tips to enjoy the visit to the fullest.

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