A Few Effective Benefits Of Vitamin B12 Injections

B12 is a crucial vitamin in essential processes of the body such as the synthesis of energy and metabolism. In Canada, around 50% of people are deficient in B12 or suboptimal B12 (1) levels in their bodies. This means that 1 out of 2 people walk around with sub-optimal levels of energy and a slower metabolism than average. It is not surprising that a large number of patients who use B12 shots benefit from increased vitality, weight, and better sleeping patterns. I will go over just a few of the advantages you might have when Vitamin B12 Injections:

Boost Your Energy Levels

An elevated weakness or lack of energy is one of the most frequent signs of B12 deficiency. Interestingly, we know that why this happens: For correct energy production in your mitochondria, vitamin B12 (along with other vitamins B) is essential. Remember that the mitochondria produce energy for your body in the form of an ATP molecule (adenosine triphosphate).

Improves your Metabolism

The improvement in the basal metabolic rate or metabolism is another very significant advantage of a vitamin B12 supplement. When it comes to weight determination, metabolism is the most significant aspect.

Your metabolism reflects the number of calories you absorb at rest which accounts for 90-95% of all calories you consume on any given day. The dilemma here is that most of you wander around with slower metabolism than normal metabolism.

Low mitochondrial energy generation, Low vitamin B12, low thyroid hormones, recurrent diet history are all been shown to slow down the metabolism.

Helps in Weight Loss

B12 shots do not cause weight loss directly, but indirectly. Let me explain:

Any of the advantages of B12 shots are (including those already discussed).

  • Better sleep
  • More metabolism
  • More power
  • Enhancing mood

Interestingly, all these aspects affect how and when the body loses weight and burns fat. Examples are: A study on lack of sleep showed that the chance of obesity increase as your blood sugar level increases.

Better Sleep And Circadian Rhythm

Another very important advantage of methylcobalamin is often underestimated, how it affects the circadian clock. Your rhythm is the mechanism that can directly affect your mood, energy level, and weight by regulating the quality and the deepness of your sleep (among other factors). Studies have shown that methylcobalamin can enhance this rhythm (Not cyanocobalamine). This study compares cyanocobalamine’s effects to methylcobalamin and finds that methylcobalamin is the only form of vitamin B12 that affects.

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