6 Triggers Of Gout You Must Stay Away From!

Going by the old saying, an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure, especially when it comes to health ailments such as gout pain. A form of arthritis, gout causes a lot of swelling and pain around the joints. It occurs due to the presence of high levels of uric acid in your blood that can lead to the formation of hard crystal deposits which further trigger painful swelling and deformity. The disease is lifelong and can cause massive damage to your cartilage and bones. If you don’t know your uric acid medicine name or lack proper care, the condition may worsen. Grout can be triggered by some things that you must avoid to prevent painful grout. Read on:

Purine rich food:

The breakdown of a chemical component called purine leads to the formation of uric acid. And although healthy, you need to reduce the intake of certain items such as fish, chicken, and meats that have purine when you have gout. Avoiding them completely is best if you have experienced purine-induced gout attacks previously as well.

Excess weight:

Patients with obesity, elevated cholesterol levels, or diabetes that are associated with excess weight naturally have more uric acid in their blood. Therefore, such people are more at risk of a gout attack. Also, the pressure on bones and joints is more when you are heavy. This can lead to pain or worsen the already existing condition. Losing weight helps and moderate exercise can delay bone deterioration.

Alcohol intake:

Consuming a high amount of alcohol may decrease your kidney’s ability to filter out uric acid. Alcohol in itself is also rich in uric acid. This indicates that the more alcohol you consume, the more is your chance of acquiring a gout attack. Therefore, people predisposed to gout must avoid alcohol.


To help your body get rid of uric acid crystals frequently from the body, you must make sure to stay hydrated. Drink lots of fluids and water to avoid being dehydrated, which can also be a gout risk factor.

Sugar beverages, bakery products:

Unhealthy eatables made with fructose syrup, sugar, or refined flour can elevate the level of uric acid in your body. Such foods may also lead to weight gain, another triggering factor for gout.

Ill-fitting shoes:

Gout may also be triggered when you wear the wrong shoes. Damage or trauma in your foot area may flare up. Toe-rubbing shoes are particularly risky for people with gout. When you have gout, it’s better to wear shoes with a wider toe area that can accommodate your feet without rubbing or pinching.

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